sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013


I can't live without music. Because there's so many days in your life that you're sad or angry, and you put your headphones on and you forget everything. The fights, the reason why you were crying... You close your eyes and then you understand the meaning of each song, every word, every verse, everything. But there's a problem, 'cause when you're sad, you automatically put a sad song. When you're angry, you put, for example, a rock/punk song and you scream loud. 
But that's no wrong, I mean, that's a part of your life that you do that. So it's good.
Other thing that happen in this age it's the idols, well, the haters not only of your idols, of us because we like 'x' artist. They're say some stuff that make you feel bad but you only show a big smile and you continue your life. You forget it in a few minutes, 'cause they not have a reason for hate you or your idol, you're not gonna change, you don't have to change, you are you no matter what. So, live your life.

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  1. Hi Mar! Congratulations for your first post, I agree with you so much!!!! Music is so important in my life too ;)
    I also love your blog template. Go on!!!
    Have a nice day!