domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Coming soon... New York.

One of my dreams is live (or visit) New York. Since I wAs little I'm obsessed with this city. I always think about what I do when I'll be there. I'm going to go shopping, obviously, visit the Central Park, walking down the 5th Avenue, rising up The Empire State... I would a lot of crazy things. And one of my dreams too is living there with a friend in an apartament. It would be perfect! Going shopping together, making parties together... Everything.

It's one of my favourite cities, it's perfect. But there's bad things too. Like the robbers, there're a lot. But, it's fine, you only have to be heedful. My aunt was there with her friends and she told me a lot of things and she also promise me that we're going to New York when I have 16 or 17.
I can't wait!

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014


Pickles is a WhatsApp group of selenators from different places of Spain. We're Alba, Alondra, Andrea, Anto, Laura, Maria, Maria, Miri, Noemi, Nedda, Paula, Rachel, Silvia and me. And all of us are fams of Selena. But we almost never talk about her. We talk about our life. Day by day. In the beginning, we were 20 girls. And now we only are fourteen. Like we say: THE HUNGER GAMES. ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE AT THE END. But no, seriously, we have a lot of fun, every day, every night. Always. Sometimes we had our fights, but you know what? At the minute we're like before. We're weirds, yeah. But, we don't mind. 1/26/13- forever.

My Girls.

Angela, Esther, Blanca, Cristina, Marta, Irene, Maria, Maria and me have got one "group" of all of the my town called "La Distracció" that, when are holidays in my town, we go out every day and every night. We rent a 'casal' for us where we invite people, we eat, we do everything. Every afternoon we go to see the bulls, and every night we have fun with other people in town. There's a night where we disguise ourselves and we have more fun than every night. It also have a disco where we can go and nonstop dance. It' so funny. Nothing like holidays.

My Best Friend.

Her name is Patricia and it's at the same class as me. I met her when we had five years old. We obviously, had our fights but, all the bff does it, right' She has brown eyes, but I love the colour bc it's so weird. She has got straight, dark hair. Her family is awesome. She lives with her parents, Emi and Juan, and her little sister Claudia. She has got two dogs, Simba and Kira, there are so cute! When I'm with her, I can be how I am, without being shy. We sing, dance, and we are jerk like nobody else. The same day, every year, we do a letter for the other one. It's so cute, bc this year, we oppened the letter with our christmas presents, I gave her accessories, and she gave me a picture frame with pics of us. I love her so much, and she is a sister for me. I can tell her everything.


It's one of the most important things in my life. I love dancing in every moment or place. When I hear music my body talks for me and I dance. I go to a dance academy, Locura, since 2008 and I think that after every class I learn something. But not something about how dancing. I learn something about me. I 'was' different things: a cheerleader, a samba dancer, one of all the Sharpays of HSM, a penguin, a dancer of Grease, a pirate, a medal, a waitress, a pin-up... And I save all the clothes.

5 Youtube videos I recommend...

There're some videos that I see in YT when I'm down and it make me a smile:
This one is sooooooooooooooo funny. I cry every time that I see it :')

And this one I like it bc appear cats. But poor my babiessssss.

I like this one because it says the truth, this guy deserve one, two, and three awards. I said.

And this one is... perfect. I haven't any words to describe this.

And finally... All the videos of the most incredible carnival in the world. VISCA EL CARNAVAL DE VINARÒS.


I love animals. All of them. They are so cute! But, I can't have any dog or cat, you know... Living in a flat... But I love them no matter what. Always I see my friend's dog Ron, I go and I play with him. It's so cute, and is also so fast, well, when he wants... lol.

Other animal that my friend have it's a cat that I fall in love with him last summer. IT'S ADORABLE.

And.. Oh! I love ducks too. When I was little, I always went to ''L'Estany'' and I give bread to the ducks and the fishes, and to me too. I eat more bread than them.

The bulls... There are my favourite animals in the whole world. I love see them in my town.


People think that is only a word. But behind this word there are a lot of people crying, cutting herself, having eating disorders or comitting suicide. One word can change everything in the life of one person, his family and friends. There're a lot of types of bullying. The most important today is school bullying. What we're going to be when we grow up? Monsters? People search defenseless guys to call them names that they knows that it's going tho hurt them, they punch them in the school... And what they won? Anything. Only breaking this person.
Other type of bullying is the cyber-bullying. They insult other people via Facebook or Twitter... With the same purpose, hurting other people.
I know people victim of bullying, people that don't deserve all that shit.
I'm going to talk now of a warrior, Demi Lovato. She was bullied all his childhood. She started to cut herself when she had 11 years old. She was bipolar, she had bulimia, she cutted herself all her life since the media and all of us, the Lovatics saw a pic of her scars, and she was ingressed in rehab. She was broken, but after al the pain, now... SHE'S A WARRIOR.

Selena Gomez.

Her career started when she was so little. She appeared in Barney &Friends with other famous girl, Demi Lovato. She also was in other movie "Another Cinderella Story" in the role of Mary. She had her own TV Show named "Wizards Of Waverly Place" in the role of Alex. But she can also sing. Her first single was "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" and it was in her first movie. The most important albums of her are "When The Sun Goes Down" and the last one "Stars Dance".
She changes her style too much! First, she had a long hair, after that she cut her hair and she put coloured hair extensions, she was so cute. Months later, she took off her hair extensuins and she was wearing her natural look. 'Til today that she has a beautiful, long hair. Her style is perfect! I love all the clothes that she wears. T-shirts, pants, boots, bags... everything. Oh! And she also has got a clothes line named "Dream Out Loud"!
I love her personality. He seems so sweet and adorable. She's an Unicef ambassador and she always gives money to the people who need it. I think that she's an amazing idol not only 'cause she shings, it's because her personality and all the love that she gives to other people.