domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Things I hate.

I actually love a lot of things but I also hate things like:
-Fake people.
-The people who tell me lies in my face when I know the truth.
-Cleaning my room.
-When one person is talking and other interrupt him/her.
-When I try to study and my neighbours are doing a lot of noise.
-Going to school and study.
-When my family compares me with my cousins.
-The people who think that they're the best in everything.
-The exams.
- The rain and the wind in Carnival.
-The alarm.
-The "tic-tac" of a watch when I try to sleep.
-The people of the bar next to my house that scream when they talk.
-The first day of class and the next 9 months, lol.
-Doing lists like this.


Hi Angela,
How are things with you? I hope you're well. Sorry, I haven't written for ages. I've been very busy recently with my dance academy and exams at school but I don't have any at the moment so I take profit to write an email for you now. I've got a part-time job at a clothes shop. I'm earning money so fast, that's great! In April I'm going with my class to Rome. I'm so excited!
And my family... Well, do you know my cousin Angel? He's studying to careers at university, I don't know how he does... And the same thing I say of my other cousin Clara, she's doing rythmic gymnastic in her free time and her results at school are so good.
What have you been up to? I miss you so much! I hope you're finally coming to Vinaròs in Carnival. You'll really have fun. Say hi to your family. Write soon with your news. Bye.