domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Things I hate.

I actually love a lot of things but I also hate things like:
-Fake people.
-The people who tell me lies in my face when I know the truth.
-Cleaning my room.
-When one person is talking and other interrupt him/her.
-When I try to study and my neighbours are doing a lot of noise.
-Going to school and study.
-When my family compares me with my cousins.
-The people who think that they're the best in everything.
-The exams.
- The rain and the wind in Carnival.
-The alarm.
-The "tic-tac" of a watch when I try to sleep.
-The people of the bar next to my house that scream when they talk.
-The first day of class and the next 9 months, lol.
-Doing lists like this.

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