domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015

The last one.

And finally... The last one. I thought at the beggining that when I'll do this post I will be happy, well, I don't think it now.
Is the last post that I write in this blog, at the moment. I'm very insecure for the next year. Going to a new high school, with different kind of people, new rules and professors... I don't like it. Now.
My perspective for the future is being someone in the society, helping people and being kind and a good person. Forming my family. I also want to travel around the world, to the countries that need more than us, helping them. I want to have health too.
Well, I think it's time to say goodbye. Goodbye to my school. Goodbye to my classmates. Goodbye to my professors. Goodbye to this post. And finally, goodbye to this blog. Thanks for all, I'll be back, I promise. And I keep all my promises.


38. Only 38 days and everything will ends... All the good and bad times, the arguments, the jokes, the laughs, the tears... In 38 days we finish our trip in this school, we're going to go to different high schools, everyone will do different careers, we're going to have new friends, in a new place, with different professors and people.
This year has gone too fast. I don't want to leave this school and my classmates, my second family. We've shared 13 years of an incredible trip in school. We went to different places, like, the last one, Rome. It was the most beautiful trip that I've gone. Going to a different country, without parents and with your friends. What more do you want?
I also want to say thanks to everyone in my class, for the good and bad moments, for the laughs and the tears, and for being themselves. Each one of us have one thing that complements the rest of us.
I only want to say, with tears in my eyes, that I love you so much, I really do. I hope that, everywhere we go, we're still being friends, brothers and sisters. You're the best. I love you.

My best friends

I'm going to talk about my three best friends in my class.
First, Patricia, I did a post talking about her, and nothing has changed. She was the first friend that I had in this school. I think it's because we arrived in the Pineapple class and in the same week. She's the best friend in the world, I don't have any problems with her, we talk all day about the things in school, boys, family... She's like a sister for me. She's the best.
Next, Sara. She's the best too. She's probably the funniest of the four of us. She's always happy, and obviously, we smile when we are with her. We also speak about the same things. They know when, how and why keep a secret of each one of us.
And finally, Marta. I've been friend of her since I arrived to this school, like Patricia. Actually, she doesn't come to school,but we aren't going to lose our friendship. We still meeting to have a coffee or something like this.
Well, I have to say that they are MY best friends, and if you're a boy and you hurt them, get ready for the consequences.

What would you do if you won €200,000?

If I won €200,000, it would be a dream come true. First of all, I'd go with my friends to the Bahamas or Hawaii.
Next, I'd buy a scooter for me, I really want it! I'd also buy clothes and things that I really need.
I'd buy all the things that my family wants. I'd also give money to the fundation Vicente Ferrer, where they help Indian kids with the money that we give.
I don't think that I'll change if I get that money, maybe a little, because everyone will do it, but I know what happens when the people change, and I don't want it for me.

sábado, 2 de mayo de 2015

3 mashups.

I'm really in love with this one because Beyoncé is one of my favourite artists in the world and I think that the video is so worked.
I like this one because these kids used songs of different musicals of the world and created a fantastic mashup of that.
And finally... This one is my favourite. Just because it's if Queen and the voice of each singer in this video it's just perfect to sing the songs.

Being Godmother.

I remember when my little cousin Àngels was born. I was doing things of my costume for Carnival because it was few days before it start.
I didn't know if she was a little boy or girl since that day because everyone of my family wanted that it was a surprise. I always thought that it will be a girl, and I was right!
One month later my aunt said that I'll be her Godmother, and I was so happy!
I was nervous till the day of her baptism, April 11th. That day I went to see in the morning to other cousin in a gymnastic artistic competition in Burriana, and after that I went to the hairdresser. When the Baptism started my heart was going so fast.
When I had to dry my cousin's little head I almost cry, because I was so happy to be her Godmother. I promise that I'll take care for her since the day that she born untill I die.


St. Vicent is a typical holiday in Nules.
It's celebrated the Monday following Easter Monday. In the morning, there's a parade where the "peñas" and groups of friends parade on trucks and accompanied by brass bands by an urban journey. We go around the bonfire when we arrive to the street San Vicente. In the afternoon there is a procession involving especially the "quintos". All the celebrations are organized by the "quintos" (men who celebrate the 25th anniversary of his entry into military service).