domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015

My best friends

I'm going to talk about my three best friends in my class.
First, Patricia, I did a post talking about her, and nothing has changed. She was the first friend that I had in this school. I think it's because we arrived in the Pineapple class and in the same week. She's the best friend in the world, I don't have any problems with her, we talk all day about the things in school, boys, family... She's like a sister for me. She's the best.
Next, Sara. She's the best too. She's probably the funniest of the four of us. She's always happy, and obviously, we smile when we are with her. We also speak about the same things. They know when, how and why keep a secret of each one of us.
And finally, Marta. I've been friend of her since I arrived to this school, like Patricia. Actually, she doesn't come to school,but we aren't going to lose our friendship. We still meeting to have a coffee or something like this.
Well, I have to say that they are MY best friends, and if you're a boy and you hurt them, get ready for the consequences.

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