domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

5 songs.

The first song that I choice is Slave to the rhythm of MJ. Every time that I hear this song made me dance and sing. I miss MJ so much and I think that his new songs are so amazing.
                                                                                                                                                                    The second is All of me. I'm IN LOVE with this one. The first time that I listened it I cried a lot. It's a good one when you're relaxed or if you wanna cry, play it, it works.

The next one is Bailando. Well, I don't know what to say about this one, but every time, EVERY TIME that I listen this song I dance, but I can't stop dancing later hahaha. 

The fourth song is Love of my life. This song is... Well, perfect. I'm love with this song and I'm in love with Queen, so... I also love this version so much, don't ask me why, but I do. 

And the last one is... this remix of Bruno Mars. I love Bruno, is so asdfghjklñ, you know, singed by The Vamps.


1- Dance.
2- Do sport.
3- Take photos.
4- Go shopping.
5- Do crazy stuff with my friends
6- Go out.
7- Travel.
8- Buy a Hard Rock Cafe's T-shirt everywhere that I go.
9- Have fun.
10- Smile.


Make photos is my passion. Everywhere that I go my camera is with me. I love to make pictures to the places that I go, the people, animals, and a lot of things. I had six cameras since I have 9, one better that the other. My friends say that I'm obsessed with the photos, but I can't to anything, I love it. When I go to Paris I take a lot of pictures of everything, that city is perfect. I want to study photography but I know that it cant be possible and I'm going to choice one career more important.

The Lion King.

Last Christmas I went to Madrid with my aunt and my cousin to see The Lion King: The Musical. I was so excited because I wanted tu see Madrid again three years later. When we arrived, it was raining so we go with the metro to our hotel. After that we went to see the city. That evening we went to se the musical. It was so beautiful, I had 'goosebumps' all the time. I cried at the beggining and at the end, The Lion King was one of my favourites movies when I was little. The next day we went to 'El Corte Inglés' and others shops. It was an amazing trip.


Two years ago I went to Menorca. That was the first time that I was going to fly in a plane so, I was so nervous. When I was there, everything was so beautiful for me, because there aren't buildings, or few, there are only houses and a lot of 'Calas', where I was residing was 'Cala Galdana' it was more bigger than I expected, and   too beautiful... We were every day walking kilometres and kilometres to go to others beaches. We also go with a rented car to the towns and lighthouses of the island.

Spring breakers (Easter Holidays).

This holidays I went to my mother's town named Nules. I go there everytime that I can. I love that place, bc is little and you know everyone.  Everytime that I go it's different, you meet new people, you can go to new places... But the most important thing is that you can have a great time with your friends. The day of Easter, my friends and I we went to an apartment to spend the time that and the next day, it was so funny because we prepared our food, we listened to music, we watched the TV, but we have so much fun.


I love read, I think that it's one of the ten things that I love to do. When I read I scape from this world and I imagine all that it happens in the book. There're four books that I've read.
The first is, the saga of Twilight. I'm in love with these books. It's an amazing and perfect love history.In this saga are four books: Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and Breaking down.
The second is the saga of "Canciones para Paula" of Blue Jeans, a spanish autor. There is probably one of the two sagas that I'm more in love. This history is perfect, perfect!  
The next is perfect. Is an Albert Espinosa's book, named 'Tot el que podríem haver estat tu i jo si no fóssim tu i jo'. I loved 'cause the last page of this book made me cry, and a lot.

And finally, the last is 'Buenos Días, Princesa', another book of Blue Jeans. I thik that this autor write the things in a way that you, in one part you feel identified.