domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014


I love read, I think that it's one of the ten things that I love to do. When I read I scape from this world and I imagine all that it happens in the book. There're four books that I've read.
The first is, the saga of Twilight. I'm in love with these books. It's an amazing and perfect love history.In this saga are four books: Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and Breaking down.
The second is the saga of "Canciones para Paula" of Blue Jeans, a spanish autor. There is probably one of the two sagas that I'm more in love. This history is perfect, perfect!  
The next is perfect. Is an Albert Espinosa's book, named 'Tot el que podríem haver estat tu i jo si no fóssim tu i jo'. I loved 'cause the last page of this book made me cry, and a lot.

And finally, the last is 'Buenos Días, Princesa', another book of Blue Jeans. I thik that this autor write the things in a way that you, in one part you feel identified.

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