domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Coming soon... New York.

One of my dreams is live (or visit) New York. Since I wAs little I'm obsessed with this city. I always think about what I do when I'll be there. I'm going to go shopping, obviously, visit the Central Park, walking down the 5th Avenue, rising up The Empire State... I would a lot of crazy things. And one of my dreams too is living there with a friend in an apartament. It would be perfect! Going shopping together, making parties together... Everything.

It's one of my favourite cities, it's perfect. But there's bad things too. Like the robbers, there're a lot. But, it's fine, you only have to be heedful. My aunt was there with her friends and she told me a lot of things and she also promise me that we're going to New York when I have 16 or 17.
I can't wait!

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