sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014


Pickles is a WhatsApp group of selenators from different places of Spain. We're Alba, Alondra, Andrea, Anto, Laura, Maria, Maria, Miri, Noemi, Nedda, Paula, Rachel, Silvia and me. And all of us are fams of Selena. But we almost never talk about her. We talk about our life. Day by day. In the beginning, we were 20 girls. And now we only are fourteen. Like we say: THE HUNGER GAMES. ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE AT THE END. But no, seriously, we have a lot of fun, every day, every night. Always. Sometimes we had our fights, but you know what? At the minute we're like before. We're weirds, yeah. But, we don't mind. 1/26/13- forever.

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