sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014


People think that is only a word. But behind this word there are a lot of people crying, cutting herself, having eating disorders or comitting suicide. One word can change everything in the life of one person, his family and friends. There're a lot of types of bullying. The most important today is school bullying. What we're going to be when we grow up? Monsters? People search defenseless guys to call them names that they knows that it's going tho hurt them, they punch them in the school... And what they won? Anything. Only breaking this person.
Other type of bullying is the cyber-bullying. They insult other people via Facebook or Twitter... With the same purpose, hurting other people.
I know people victim of bullying, people that don't deserve all that shit.
I'm going to talk now of a warrior, Demi Lovato. She was bullied all his childhood. She started to cut herself when she had 11 years old. She was bipolar, she had bulimia, she cutted herself all her life since the media and all of us, the Lovatics saw a pic of her scars, and she was ingressed in rehab. She was broken, but after al the pain, now... SHE'S A WARRIOR.

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