sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

Three of my favourite songs of Justin.

One of the most beautiful songs for me is Never Let You Go, I think that it's so amazing and precious. I think that I'm in love with this song. All the words. All the chords. All the love. Everything's perfect. And in this performance is asdfghjkl.
'It's like an angel came by, and took me to heaven. Cause when I stare in your eyes it couldn't be better. Let the music blast we gonna do our dance. Bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all, 'cause this life's to long and this love's too strong, so baby know for sure that I'll never let you go'.

Be Alright. What can I say about this song?
It's perfect. All the words make me smile. He saved a lot of girls and boys with this song. If you listen the lyrics you can check it.
'You know that I care for you, I'll always be there for you, I promise I'll stay right here. I know that you want me too, baby we can make it throught anyting, 'cause everything's gonna be alright.'
One Less Lonely Girl. In every show one girl make her dream come true meeting him. He sing to her. He hug her. He treats her like she is a princess, a queen. But in this video, in the first show of his second world tour, he was to tribute to Avalanna. The girl that he paid her treatment, he 'married' and made her happy until she die.
'I can fix up your broken heart, I can give you a brand new star, I can make you believe, I just wanna set one girl free to fall, free to fall. She's free to fall , fall in love with me. Her heart's locked, and know what, I got the key. I'll take her and leave the world with one less lonely girl.'

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  1. Hi again!!! As you can see, I have so many questions for you. Watching these videos taken from a Justin concert I wonder if you recorded something when you were in his concert last year. Did you????