domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013


Dear Justin:
I’m such a dreamer and what I want to achieve, is my dreams to become reality, cause I never wake up. I love fantasizing and imagining stuff generally. It’s so much fun to be such a person who always dreams and imagines stuff, but there are many bad sides too. The sides who tell you “You are dreaming, please wake up!” I agree with those, but it hurts so much. How many times haven’t you heard a little girl say “I’m going to be a princess when I grow up.”? And how many times haven’t you heard a little boy say “I’m going to be a super hero when I grow up.”? What about yourself? How many times didn’t you say “I want to be on TV and sing like Michael Jackson.” I’m glad at least your dream came true, but let me tell you that before you became famous, we shared our dream, but now it’s only me who isn’t living it yet. Isn’t that sad? I love the way you say Never Say Never, but I hate the way I always say never. You usually say dream until your dreams come true, you’re definitely right, but when do they come true? What does it take to make them come true? 

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  1. It is nice to read such a beautiful letter to your idol. Who knows... maybe this could reach his hands, can you imagine it??? :)