sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

My summer.

This summer was THE SUMMER. First of all, I had a great holidays here in Vinaròs with my friends Paula, Eva and Andrea, perfect nights! July's summarized in mornings playing volleyball, afternoons in the beach and night hanging out with my friends. In August basically I went to my mother's town, Nules, and I was never at home, I went to Onda one day to a concert with my friends. I also go with my aunt to a spa, I wrote a post talking about it! And one day later to come back of there began the holidays in Nules. I have a 'peña' named 'La Distracció' and we share our local with other one named 'La Intuició'. We have some dangerous and difficult nights, because of things that I'm not going to talk here. But we also have great nights that I'll never forget. There was the costumes night, that we were dressed like watermelons, other night was 'El sopar de gala' en we eat bull meat with sauce. It was delicious! I have a great summer and I hope that the next one will be better, but I think that it's a little bit difficult!

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