domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Some things about me.

1. Dance.
2. I like washing my teeth, yes.
3. I measure 1'77 m, and my legs 1 m.
4. When I was little I used to be so shy, now I don't know this word.
5. My mom died when I was 3.
6. I love my family.
7. I like basketball and volley.
8. I have more than 20 cousins.
9. I love hanging out with Paula, is my party-mate haha.
10. I want to travel a lot.
11. I love autumn and winter.
12. I believe in Illuminati.
13. I can't be quiet for long time.
14. I'm in Nules at the moment.
15. I'm 15
16. I like Queen and Guns n Roses.
17. I'm obsessed with all the things of Victoria's Secret, specially the runaway and all the photoshoots.
18. One of my dreams is being a model of VS.
19. I wish that my bedroom was bigger.
20. I'm tired.

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