viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

A nightmare.

Last Sunday I have a nightmare that I'll never forget. I was in the school one stormy night (typical!) and I was alone, nobody was with me so I started to cry because I'm so fearful. I was in the bathroom of the 4th floor and in the mirror was wrote with blood "You're next", then I started running and someone appeared at the 3th floor when I was running down the stairs, so I started running very fast. I looked back and a guy with a knive was there. I looked in front of me and he was there, face to face. I pushed him, so he went rolling down the stairs and I tried to go to the playground but the doors were closed and I didn't know where were the keys. I started pulling the door and someone outside the building helped me but he was the same guy that before. I started running out the building and I went to my house, the door was open and my dad and my granny weren't there. I was so scared and I went to my bathroom to clean my face hoping that everything was a dream. When I looked up to the mirror there was a girl, her hand oversteped the mirror and she started drowning me. Suddenly I get up shaking and sweating. What a nightmare to start the week!

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