sábado, 31 de enero de 2015

My best friend.

My bedt friend is Patricia. We met 10 years ago in Pineapple class because coincidentally we started at this school when we were 5 years. She lived until then in Barcelona and I went to other school, first in Nules and after in "La Assumpció". She lives with her parents ande her sister Claudia. She have to dogs, Simba and Kira, they are so beautiful. She also is so shy and quiet, but she's so funny and she laughs a lot. She went with me and some friends to Volley classes in the summer. She loves the music, artists and band groups like One Direction. We both want to have a boyfriend, a scooter and a dolphin, and a boyfriend with scooter and a dolphin (we know why!). And well, she's the best friend in the world she helped me every moment that she can, she made me smile when I was sad and she listened to me when I needed. Love ya!

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